Warren Talbot Beckwith – Chairman and Managing Director
Appointed 3 April 1998

Warren Beckwith is a Chartered Accountant with many years’ experience as a partner in
international firms within Australia and overseas and is currently chairman of Westralian Group Pty
Ltd, which is engaged in corporate advisory services and investment in Australia and Hong Kong. He
is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of
Certified Public Accountants and Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Warren
has held directorships or executive positions in listed companies in Australia and Hong Kong and is
currently an independent non-executive director of China Properties Group Limited (Hong Kong-
listed) and Utopa Limited.


Steven Leigh Pynt – Non-Executive Director and Company Secretary
Appointed 17 March 2000, appointed company secretary 9 February 2015

Steven Pynt is the Legal Director of a major retail franchising company and is a commercial lawyer in
private practice specializing in commercial law, including corporations law, franchising and contracts.
In addition to completing his law degree in 1980, Steven has completed a Bachelor of Business
majoring in Accounting, an MBA and a Master of Taxation Studies. Steven has had long experience as
company director and is Chairman of Global Health Limited and Ephraim Resources Limited (both


Jolyon James Sinclair – Non-Executive Director
Appointed 24 October 2012

Jol has over 15 years in asset finance, venture capital and business development. He has held
National Sales and Marketing roles for publicly listed IT companies before creating a niche venture
capital and asset finance company that specialised in the mining and telecommunications industries.


Company Secretary
Mr Steven Leigh Pynt, was appointed to the position of company secretary on 9 February 2015.